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Hvit bakgrunn

We are all born with the ability to heal.
It´s time to unleash it.  

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Hvit bakgrunn
Hvit bakgrunn


Healing is a powerful, natural, and gentle treatment method that activates the body's own self-healing system. Healing is an ability that all people possess to some extent.  At The Healing School we deepen your understanding of healing while unleashing your own healing abilities and increase insight into your own processes. 

Schooling goes over four weekends with some homework, for a total of 150 hours. You will gather five approved client evaluations by the time you finish which will help you get approved by the Norwegian Healing Society. A diploma will be provided once the course has been completed and passed. 

If you don´t have the VEKS-course from before, a 5th study weekend will be held Ingunn Brattlid over Zoom. 

We look forward to welcoming you to The Healing School and going on this life-changing journey with you.  Enroll by emailing



Healing and various
healing techniques


5 element theory


Introduction to; anatomy, physiology, pathology and trigger points


Client management

Meridian theory, and 
the organ clock


The dimensions of conciousness

White Plants

Torunn Anthonsen

Healer, medium and Lisa Williams certified Master Teacher 


Pål Berge

Acupuncturist and



Susanne Øvretveit

Healer, intuitive writing expert, and nurse


Hege Svenningsen

Doctor, therapist, breath work practitioner,  and yoga teacher

White Plants

DATES 2024

15 June

16 June

24 August

25 August

19 October

20 October 

16 November

17 November

                09:30 am -5:30 pm all days. 

Course language: Norwegian

Tuition fee: 27 000 NOK

Email for questions or to register.


Thon Hotel - Friergangen 1, 4836 Arendal, Norway

Hvit bakgrunn

Jacqueline Tjorpa

Torunn Anthonsen is one of the best healers in the world to learn from ♥ if you're interested and feel called to healing, learn from the best who keep this work in its highest integrity. She is an amazing, kind and caring soul who has helped transform the lives of many. Working with her has already transformed my practice.


Mona Lise Sonesen

Working with healing is a task that commits on many levels. When we enter another person's life, which we do through the healing work, it is important to have good guidelines. A good basic education in healing is a prerequisite for being able to do this important job in a satisfactory way. Thank you very much Torunn Anthonsen for allowing me to be a student at the healing school 2018/2019. School and teaching have meant a lot to me. I recommend the school with all my heart. Torunn draws on its expertise. She has a pleasant appearance, is a wonderfully good teacher and communicator. She sees her students. The syllabus teaching has been presented to us in a good and understandable way, with opportunities for questions and comments along the way. As healers, we should have good knowledge of client care. All the training we as healers at the school have received (on fellow students / as well as client treatment) has strengthened my belief in myself. Torunn offers itself generously. Torunn taught us the importance of ethical guidelines, a sense of professional responsibility - and the influence we as healers have had at our disposal. Highly recommend the healing school and Torunn with all my heart.


Lisa Maria Bøen Falkenberg

The healing school changed my life! I've always been curious about what you can't see and touch. At the same time, I was very skeptical about whether it is actually real. I am now convinced that healing energy is real. Among other things, I learned to see aura, trust my intuition and the inner images I get and much more. The biggest change after the Healing School is that I am now creating my dream life because I have started my own healing business. My soul is singing and life feels in flow! Torunn is a lovely channel of healing power. Her down-to-earth and warm presence makes her very relatable and understandable. She has a sense of humor that is contagious. That makes it easy to be a student at the Healing School. The school of the soul.


Ingunn Borgly

"The whole has a greater value than the sum of its parts." If the universe and the earth's healing energy merged into a course filled with light, love, spirits and professional weight, this is exactly what Torunn Anthonsen's Healing School offers. With a clear vision, the medical science of the East and the West is woven together with our own inherent universal power, all safely guided and illustrated by inspiring Torunn and her knowledgeable guest lecturers. Torunn's Healing School has become my most valuable course. Are you considering signing up? Then you are already on your way to where you are meant to be in life ...


Hilde Onarheim

At the Healing School, I have developed my abilities and gained a deeper understanding of healing. I have become familiar with who I am, become more positive, calm and do and say things from the heart - a better understanding and version of myself. Nice to weave in anatomy / physiology and meridian theory in theory, everything is connected. Super nice to meet like-minded people. Would highly recommend the Healing School and their super talented teachers! Grateful.


Kathrine Canillo

Through my work as a reflexologist, I was told by my clients that I had warm hands. I wanted to develop my abilities, and I got the opportunity to do this at Torunn Anthonsen's Healing School. Here I learned about healing and different healing techniques. In addition, I received replenishment and refreshed previous learning through meridian theory, anatomy / physiology and traditional Chinese Medicine. Torunn is an incredibly skilled healer who is generous in sharing his experiences. She has an incredible ability to see your strengths and guides you to reach your potential. I now look forward to offering healing to my clients. I highly recommend the Healing School!


Wenche Aakhus

I have been so lucky to be one of the students in the first batch of the Healing School. As a nurse with the belief that we will benefit from all our abilities and opportunities to help others, this has been a wonderful journey! During this year I have learned an incredible amount both about healing and not least about myself and my abilities. The healing school maintains a high professional level, we have trained on each other and on clients, had pathology and meridian theory, we have meditated and practiced on various healing techniques, communication and ethical issues. Torunn has been a fantastic teacher who with his wonderful nature has cheered us on and given me faith in myself. I hope that I can be allowed to be a bridge builder between school medicine and alternative medicine so that we can complement each other in a good way.


Linda Maudal

Torunn's Healing School is a school with "the heart in the right place". During these months we have learned an incredible amount about various techniques in healing, anatomy, physiology, pathology and client treatment. I have benefited greatly from this. Torunn has always followed us closely and helped each of us to find our own path as a healer. I can highly recommend the Healing School. Here you are well taken care of, and you are guided to be who you are in your power. All the "subjects" mean that you are equipped to embrace the whole person and it gives a sense of security out into the world as a healer. Thank you very much Torunn <3

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