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Torunn Anthonsen is a renowned healer and medium from Nittedal, Norway, certified by the Norwegian Healing Society. In 2021 Torunn become a comity member of DNH´s ethics council. Torunn has been a Master Teacher at Lisa William´s International School of Spiritual Development since 2019 and teaches students from around the world. 

In 2018, Torunn established "The Healing School", where she along with guest teachers educate students on how to develop their own healing abilities. Torunn believes that everyone is born with the ability to heal, and is passionate about helping people access and strengthen this gift. 


In 2019, Torunn was specially invited to participate in a scientific study on healing, conducted by the University of Tromso (UiT) / National Research Center of Complementary, Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM) and the Hospital of Southern Norway Arendal (SSA). The study was published in EXPLORE March / April 2019. This year, Torunn participates in a Randomized Controlled Trial organized by UiT / NAFKAM and SSA.


My abilities are linked to contact with a universal healing power, and I see myself as a mediator of this power. In my opinion, the healing power is not linked to any particular belief system or religion. I respect each person's personal beliefs, and do not emphasize this topic during the treatment.

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To be a mediator of the universal power and assist countless souls in navigating their journey towards health, joy, and purpose. By tapping into this cosmic force, I aim to guide individuals in aligning with their truest selves, enabling them to experience life in its richest and most meaningful form.


To help people unlock into their natural abilities to heal, and thereby to contribute to a theighten collective consciousness. The best part of teaching is when the students start to believe in themselves, their gifts, and their spirit.

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